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Stewardship Coordinator

Essential Duties:
The Stewardship Coordinator’s primary responsibility is managing the Trust’s Smart Farms program. This position reports to the Deputy Director.

The Stewardship Coordinator must be philosophically committed to the mission and vision of Lancaster Farmland Trust; possess a comprehensive knowledge of agriculture and best management practices (BMPs) in Lancaster County; directly work with farm owners to improve their soil and water conservation practices and overall environmental stewardship; develop and write agricultural erosion/sedimentation,  conservation and manure/nutrient management plans; be a liaison between farmers and public and private organizations for technical service and funding for BMPs; manage and execute grant objections related to Smart Farms; develop a general understanding of conservation easements and the legal, tax and estate planning issues of the farmland preservation options; be efficient and capable of managing a large workload with numerous tasks and be extremely attentive to detail and accuracy; be proficient in Microsoft Office, RUSLE and possess knowledge of ArcGIS; possess excellent oral and written communication skills; has a valid driver’s license; capable of working independently and as a member of a team; and bring significant energy and enthusiasm to the position.

Specific Duties:

  1. Agriculture Erosion & Sedimentation, Conservation and Manure/Nutrient Management Plans Work with farmers on developing and writing plans for their farms in accordance with Chapter 102 and Act 38 regulations. Consult with NRCS or Conservation District staff for guidance and approval of plans.

  2. BMP Assessments Conduct site assessments on agricultural lands to document existing BMPs, determine compliance with Chapter 102 and Act 38 regulations, communicate with landowners on desires to implement additional BMPs, and determine opportunities for BMP implementation.

  3. Outreach and Education Act as a liaison with private and public organizations for farmers related to technical service and funding for plans and BMPs. Assist in establishing workshops, field days, and outreach material to promote the Smart Farms program and soil and water conservation. Collaborate with the Municipal Outreach Program on events/workshops related to the benefits of agricultural BMPs in the context of municipal water quality mandates.

  4. Grant Support Conceptualize and develop grant ideas which further the objectives of the Smart Farms program. Administer and execute the programmatic outputs of grants and provide support to staff on grant reports.

  5. Easement Monitoring Conduct monitoring visits per the obligations in fee-for-service contracts.

  6. Organizational Support Provide assistance to other departments with projects and events as required.

Other duties as assigned by the Deputy Director and/or Executive Director.

For additional information, please contact Jeffery Swinehart, Deputy Director, at


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