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As a result of the Trust’s municipal outreach efforts, several significant partnerships have developed throughout Lancaster County.  In particular, the Trust has been active in promoting and executing transfer of development rights (TDR) programs in Warwick, West Lampeter, and West Hempfield Townships. As more and more farmers desire to preserve their land, TDR programs will become a valuable source of funding for purchasing development rights and preserving farmland in perpetuity.  Many farms have already been preserved in these townships utilizing TDR ordinances.

The Trust has also formed a unique partnership with Penn Township in northern Lancaster County.  After receiving a substantial level of funding through the expansion of the privately owned Manheim Auto Auction, Penn Township established an Agricultural Advisory Committee to allocate this funding towards the strategic preservation of farms in the township.  Both the Trust and the Lancaster County Agricultural Preserve Board have participated in identifying farms of high priority for preservation.  The configuration of these partnerships allows each entity to leverage funding for preservation while exemplifying a model of collaboration.

To see farms preserved by these programs, click here.

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